7 Things You Need To Know About Caution In Online Shopping Today.

coution in online shopping


Dear online friends, today I will give you a brief discussion on the advantages and disadvantages of ecommerce. I hope you will benefit. First of all, praising science, I say that the contribution of science to human welfare is immense. But the discovery of science is also harmful by evil people. Such as nuclear discovery. In the same way, the vicious circle has taken away the huge amount of money of the people by taking advantage of e-commerce. Although at present there has been a lot of repression due to government intervention. Friends must refrain from accepting Akash Kusum offers. E-commerce should be the main goal to reduce time and effort in daily busy life. The customer will see and hear his desired ordered product in time. But the reality is that some sites are marketed with some brokers with Akash Kusum offers and some people are loaded with products at really incredible prices. In fact, there is a precedent of foreign palazzos to enjoy luxury life with 80 per cent of the people’s money by giving goods to 10 per cent of the people. Again, some people open a page on Facebook and break the name of a famous site and cheat with incredible offers. Again, any site introduces its own whimsy, such as having to take the product packaged, if there is a problem, they have to go to the office to return it and wait 10 working days to get the money back. Why all this farce? Why is there no remedy? When we order a product, we agree with the tick without reading their terms page. Also, when a site has all kinds of payment gateways, I think it cannot be fake.

What is actually happening is they are taking payment by a third party. Going out with the fuck of the law in the melee of terms. The most interesting thing is that there is ecommerce in almost all the countries of the world but this is happening in our country.

So we should be aware now. What can we do in this case?

7 Things You Need To Know About Caution In Online Shopping Today.

1 Find out if the site you are ordering is reliable.

2 Check whether the site’s seller rating, reviews, comments are satisfactory.

3 Read the Terms and Conditions, Returns, Delivery Policy, etc. of the site.

4 If you want to know if the site has its own payment gateway, if you see third party gateways such as SSl Commerze, Surya Pay, Amar pay, Foster etc. when making payment. Then you will understand that they do not have their own gateway.

5 Can the product be checked during delivery.

6 What is the sincerity of the customer care of the site.

7. In case of advance payment, do not pay a single taka on any site or Facebook page except trusted sites.

Finally you must select a site that has the above qualities. I personally recommend the fleetworkers.com site. Here you can earn free shopping and money by earning points in addition to the above qualities. You can find out the details by clicking on the site link. I am concluding this topic here today, if you like the post, I hope you will like and comment. Thanks.

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